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Fire safety

You cannot afford to compromise. 

As an employer, building owner or Responsible Person, your responsibilities under The UK Fire Safety Order are clearly defined, and the penalties for non-compliance very serious.

You need a supplier with the expertise, length and breadth of experience and accreditations to know precisely what fire precautions you need, and to deliver them safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Out of 6,800 fires in commercial premises, automatic fire detectors only operated in 34% of properties
  • Out of 1,100 fires in commercial premises, automatic fire detectors operated but did not raise the alarm
  • Out of 2,600 fires in commercial premises, automatic fire detectors failed to operate altoghether, resulting in 8 deaths and 407 non-fatal casualties.*
*2013/14 figures published by the Department for Communities & Local Government in March 2014

If you would like to discuss your Fire Risk Assessment requirments, staff fire safety training or fire alarmfire extinguisher or sprinkler system servicing or installation needs, call us now on
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Important Messages 

We have recently updated our bank details and email correspondence has been sent to our customers, please be advised this is not a hoax. If you would like any more information in regards to the update please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Due to recent events, when we attend your premise we will be sounding the bells on your fire protection system. Sometimes we are asked not to sound the bells, as everyone has not been told that a service is happening. When we book in for your appointment you must make sure all people in the premise are aware of a bell test.

Complete Fire Care

Call point squareOur packages include: Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Training and the Installation & Servicing of Fire Safety Equipment and Sprinkler Systems
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