Gas Fire Suppression System

At Churches Fire, we provide the highest quality fire suppression systems to extinguish fires through oxygen displacement. A gas suppression system is the ideal solution as it removes the need for water, saving you on the added costly water damage in the event of a fire.


What is gas suppression?

Gas fire suppression system work by removing the oxygen content of materials in fires to below 15% – a level at which most won’t burn. They are activated by a smoke detection system that detects the early presence of smoke.

A high-quality gas suppression system means that water is not always essential to contain fires. Churches Fire & Security have over two decades of experience in fire safety. We are experts in advising which form of fire suppression is best to use in each unique situation.

You can trust that our gas suppression systems are of the highest quality. Gas suppression systems make sure that your employees, assets and data are safe when firefighting with water is not an option.

Our field technicians are highly skilled, ready to provide you with a reliable gas suppression system that is fully compliant with current regulations, maintained to the highest of standards at all times.

Fire suppression installation & servicing

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Types of gas suppression

There are few different gases that we use in these systems: Novec 1230 (clean agent); Inergen (Inert gas IG541), a blend of nitrogen, argon and CO2; Argonite (inert gas IG55), a blend of argon gas suppression with nitrogen.

The benefits of gas suppression

Gas suppression systems are able to combat fires automatically in sensitive areas where it is best to avoid using water. They protect life and can prevent costly water damage to equipment, saving you money. They work by releasing clean agent or inert gases into the building at the point of smoke detection.


When would you need a fire suppression system?

Gas suppression is ideally suited in server rooms where other forms of firefighting may cause water damage or loss of data, or in electrical rooms where water would pose a risk to life. This means that your employees and assets are safe in all circumstances.

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Gas fire suppression systems are suited for server rooms

Gas suppression system regulations

Churches Fire & Security ensures that your gas suppression systems are maintained to meet the meet fire regulations. We test all high-pressure cylinders according to BS 5430 and provide annual room integrity testing to meet BS: ISO 14520. This makes sure that any area protected by these systems can contain the gas on discharge for ten minutes or twenty minutes for carbon dioxide.

With our dedicated team of technicians, you can be confident that your safety and compliance is in reliable hands.


Our accreditations give clients the assurance that all of our work will be carried out in line with industry standards.

Churches Fire & Security is an F Gas certified company. This means that, in accordance with article 10 of Commission Regulations 517/2014, the Fire Industry Association certifies that Churches Fire & Security is authorised to carry out installations and maintenance or servicing of fixed fire systems containing Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases.

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Choose a Churches Fire & Security gas suppression system to significantly reduce the risk of serious fire damage, data loss and harm to personnel.

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