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Get the very best in automatic fire suppression and protection from Ansul Systems at Churches Fire. Remove the need for immediate human intervention with a system that is designed to tackle large-scale, hazardous fires in areas associated with ventilation, grease extraction, and cooking equipment.


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Ansul shares the Churches Fire & Security commitment to innovation – they are supported by extensive research and test facilities preparing for the fire protection and safety needs of the future. Ansul systems are industry-leading and fully reliable, which is why we use them.

As an official distributor, we regularly attend intense product training programs to be instructed and tested in the design, installation, and service of Ansul fire suppression equipment. This is part of our technicians’ rigorous training.

ansul certification

Every Ansul system that we provide are fully certified by the new EN16282-7, tested to UL300 standards and approved by LPCB (LPS1223)

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How does an Ansul system work?

The Ansul system uses tried and tested technology to quickly detect a fire. It can also simultaneously interface with any gas valve/electrical supply to the equipment a fire is detected on.

Where fire is detected, the Ansul Suppression agent is discharged onto the fire, forming a solid layer of foam. This instantly cuts off the oxygen supply to the fire, suppressing it and cooling it. People are protected and surrounding damage is minimised. The agent is not stored under pressure, meaning that after activation the system can be recharged on-site by one of our technicians, ensuring that your kitchen is safe to use again the same day.


Ansul system maintenance

Our certified engineers service each Ansul system at least every six months, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. This is essential to ensure that the system remains effective in a fire situation.

Our technicians are available 24/7 in an emergency, so following activation, we can get your kitchen running again with the minimum amount of downtime.

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