Evacuation Alert Systems

An Evacuation Alert System from Churches Fire & Security is designed for operation by the fire department and facilitates safe exit for residents and occupiers of high-rise residential properties in the event of a fire.


What is an Evacuation Alert System (EAS)?

An Evacuation Alert System (EAS) is a sophisticated network connecting individual alarm sounders to a central control panel operated by the fire and rescue services in the event of an emergency.

The EAS allows for strategic and phased floor-by-floor evacuation to safely clear the building without cause for panic. Not to be confused with a fire alarm system, it is not triggered by heat or smoke sensors, it is operated manually by the fire and rescue services at the scene.

These systems are required under Approved Document B Volume 1 of the Building Regulations (2019, amended 2020 & 2022) in all new build tall buildings containing flats with floors located at a height of 18 metres or more.

evacuation alert system, with control panel operated by a key

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Designed and installed in consultation with local fire and rescue services, the tamper-proof control panel is designed to withstand a continued vandalism attack for 5 minutes. Access is restricted to key usage; one is supplied to the fire service and the second to the customer. This additional level of security ensures the stability of the system.

The Evacuation Alert Control & Indicating Equipment (EACIE) is located internally within the building, usually in the lobby area, so that emergency responders can promptly access the controls to begin safe evacuation.

An easy-to-operate panel of switches operates sounders on individual floors, with LED visual alert devices available as required. This system of alerts instructs the occupants of the property when to make their way to the nearest emergency exit.

The system operates separately from existing fire fighting systems (alarms, emergency lighting, sprinklers, etc.) with cable routes and circuits protected and segregated to minimise the risk of a system malfunction.

The evacuation control panel can be installed during the building design and construction phase, or retrofitted in older business properties.

Learn more about how Churches Fire & Security design, install and maintain Evacuation Alert Systems in our downloadable pdf.

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a block of flats that is more than 6 floors high, with balconies

Evacuation Alert System Servicing

Churches Fire & Security will service your EAS twice per annum, strictly in accordance with the current BS8629:2019 in force at the time of servicing.

The inspection and maintenance of the system will include, but not be limited to:

  • Alarm audibility terms
  • Battery examination
  • Panel configuration
  • LED inspection

With our dedicated team of technicians servicing your EAS, you can be confident that your safety and compliance is in reliable hands.

Choose a Churches Fire & Security Evacuation Alert System to assist in the safe evacuation of your residential property.

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