Churches Fire & Security Celebrates International Women’s Day 2024

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - March 7, 2024


Friday 8th March marks International Women’s Day 2024 – a global celebration in recognition of the great women of the world.

The United Nations is focusing on investing in women, pushing for accelerated progress against climate change, poverty levels and other crises across the globe. Through investment in women, the UN hopes to make changes towards an equal future for generations to come.


At Churches Fire & Security, we stand proud and honoured to highlight some of the remarkable women who help lead our organisation.

With roles filled by women across director, manager and leadership level, our organisation’s success is driven by a culture of empowerment and innovation.

In addition to our female leaders, we are incredibly proud to recognise our two teams that are entirely female-run. In Project Co-ordination, the team of individuals co-ordinate all fire safety and security electrical and mechanical projects nationwide. Their expertise and organisation at each stage ensures the safety and protection of our technicians and customers.

Within Human Resources, this all-female team plays a significant role in our company’s success. Creating an inclusive and empowering workplace for every colleague, championing diversity and advocating for equal opportunities each and every day.

We must also acknowledge the significant gap in female talent within the fire safety and security industry. We are actively working to bridge this gap by highlighting that this is a career for anyone – whatever gender they identify with. Utilising our internal Training Academy, we can empower and develop the skills of those interested in pursuing a career in the sector. Through specialised training, mentorship and support, we are creating equal opportunities for all.

Additionally, we are excited to share that we currently have five exceptionally talented female technicians on our team. Their expertise and dedication showcase the immense value that women bring to the fire safety and security industry. They are breaking down barriers and proving that women play an invaluable role in this field.

Join us in honouring the achievements of all our women at Churches Fire & Security. Today especially it is important to recognise the importance of equality and inclusivity within all industries.

Together, we can transform the industry and empower women.

At Churches Fire & Security, we celebrate being an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to ensuring we safeguard an all-inclusive environment and that our workplace is free from discrimination on the grounds of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/civil partnership status, age, race, religious beliefs, origin or disability.

We acknowledge that men and women are entitled to be paid equally, without any bias on the grounds of sex or gender identity, as set out in the Equal Pay Act, enforceable under UK law.

More information can be found in our Equality & Diversity Policy.