Fire Zone Plans

We have years of experience in working with businesses to create an up-to-date fire zone plan that directs the fire service quickly and efficiently to the origin of the raised alarm. Work with us to save valuable time in the event of an emergency and ensure you are fully compliant with the latest fire safety regulations.


What is a fire alarm zone plan?

In a fire situation, time is short. A customised fire alarm zone plan provided by Churches Fire & Security ensures that no time is wasted in finding the source of any fire or fault.

A fire alarm zone plan is a diagrammatic representation of your building, listing all of its zones. It also shows the building exits, stairs and is located next to the fire alarm panel. It can immediately identify where any potential fire situation may have occurred.

zone plan 1

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Why do I need a fire alarm zone plan?

Under BS5839-1:2017, it is essential for buildings to have fire alarm zone plans. An accurate, up-to-date plan provided by Churches Fire & Security helps the fire service by quickly directing them to the origin of the raised alarm. It saves valuable time in both genuine and false activations.

What are the requirements of a fire alarm zone plan?

According to the British Standards, all zone plans must be diagrammatic to be fit for purpose. They should be close to the fire alarm panel and accurately indicate the orientation of the building. With Churches Fire & Security, you can be sure that you will always be fully compliant and up-to-date with all regulations. With our zone plans keep your buildings and staff safe by ensuring that the fire service can always find the source of a fire quickly and easily.


Churches Fire & Security provides zone plans that are accurate and designed to the highest standards. We tailor our zone plans to your building. They are clear and easy to understand in the event of an emergency.