Utilising Access Control to Secure Your Healthcare Facility

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - April 16, 2024

Whether you manage a healthcare centre, doctor’s surgery, clinic, residential or retirement home, security is crucial to the operation of your business.

Experiencing a security breach can be costly and disruptive to your operations or in more severe cases could stop the running of your business entirely.

Access Control can offer convenient, customised, and cost-effective security solutions for nearly all business sectors. With intercoms, biometrics or key-fob entry, we can design a system to seamlessly integrate with the operations of your business, allowing you to easily keep track of entries and exits, you can easily improve the level of safety and security.

Access Control in Healthcare

The benefits of a fully managed and serviced Access Control system are numerous.

Healthcare settings such as private clinics, medication storage, high-security facilities and hospitals all have requirements for locked down areas.

Managing access to secured zones and tracking the entry/egress of colleagues and visitors, provides business owners with peace of mind that their premises is safe from theft or vandalism.

Benefits of Access Control


Whether you are looking to secure rooms inside your office or a car park, these systems can be designed around you. Access Control can be installed on external gates and doors as well as internal doors and barriers.


Systems such as intruder alarms and CCTV cameras can be integrated with Access Control to further increase security. Integrating systems is a great way to improve site security easily.


These systems remove the need for physical keys and bring improved security to your property 24/7. If a token gets lost, it can simply have its access revoked. Whereas, if a physical key were to be stolen, there could be the requirement of having to change the locks for a building to be secure again.


With the use of tokens, cards, or biometrics, these systems are incredibly easy and quick to use day-to-day. Security systems must be easy to use to ensure they are working to protect the property.

Selective Entry

Entry can be easily granted, withdrawn, or removed to ensure security at all times. Each individual or team can hold access rights custom to them. When visitors come, they can be provided with temporary access and anyone who leaves the organisation can have their access removed.

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