Meet the Churches Fire & Security team

Churches Fire Directors

Our success lies in the collective expertise and passion of our exceptional team members. Each member of our team is carefully selected and extensively trained to deliver the best fire safety and security services that meet and exceed industry standards. With a perfect blend of knowledge, experience, and dedication, our experts are always ready to tackle any fire and security challenge that comes their way.

Charlie Haynes is the Chief Executive Officer

Charlie Haynes - Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Charlie's primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of Churches Fire & Security, acting as the main point of communication between our investors, the Board of Directors and corporate operations, as well as being the public face of the company.

David Chennell is our Chief Financial Officer

David Chennell - Chief Financial Officer

David has the overarching responsibility for ensuring that Churches Fire & Security meets its financial obligations, financial governance of the business and sits on the Board of Directors.

Jon Parsons is our Chief Operations Officer

Jon Parsons - Chief Operations Officer

Jon is responsible for the Operations strategy across the business, customer delivery and operational performance. Jon sits on the Board of Directors.

Lorna Hayes is our Chief Transformation Officer

Lorna Hayes – Chief Transformation Officer

Lorna is responsible for a number of projects across the business to deliver growth, improvement and innovation. Lorna sits on the Board of Directors.

Mark Tabone is our Chief Commercial Officer

Mark Tabone - Chief Commercial Officer

Mark is responsible for defining and executing Churches Fire & Security’s growth strategy. Mark oversees Sales and Marketing, ensuring the company exceeds growth plans with new and existing customers. Mark sits on the Board of Directors.

Simon Burns is our Integrations Director

Simon Burns – Integrations Director

Simon directs the integration process of acquired businesses into Churches Fire & Security, ensuring all customers, suppliers and employees are integrated effectively with empathy. Simon sits on the Board of Directors.

Stephen Riley is our Mergers and Acquisitions Director

Stephen Riley – Mergers and Acquisitions Director

In line with our growth plan, Stephen is responsible for identifying and engaging potential Churches Fire & Security acquisition targets, leading due diligence activities, and supporting the integration plans.

Sue Jones is our Integrations Director

Sue Jones – Integrations Director

Sue directs the integration process of acquired businesses into Churches Fire & Security, ensuring all customers, suppliers and employees are integrated effectively with empathy.

Simon Titley - Sales Director

Responsible for sales performance, Simon is focused on Churches Fire & Security’s growth with both new and existing customers, managing the Key Accounts and Sales teams.

Ian Sykes is our Service Director

Ian Sykes – Service Director

Ian ensures Churches Fire & Security provides industry-leading and compliance-led technical service delivery to all customers. He is responsible for managing our Service Delivery Managers.

Paul Swift is our Bid & Contracts Director

Paul Swift - Bid & Contracts Director

Paul is responsible for coordinating service bids and contracts, working within the Commercial team.

Laura Hardy is our HR Director

Laura Hardy - HR Director

Laura manages the HR department, overseeing personnel requirements, training and development and employee relations.

Mark Sunter-Camm is our Customer Service Director

Mark Sunter-Camm - Customer Service Director

Mark is responsible for ensuring efficient operational running of Churches Fire & Security with our Customer Service teams. Mark has a wealth of experience across the business.