Kitchen Fire Suppression System

A kitchen suppression system is used in a industrial or commercial kitchen, an area usually at high risk of fire or injury. Churches Fire supply and maintain both Ansul systems and Amerex products for customers, all of which require fully trained technicians to install and service.


What is kitchen suppression?

Kitchen suppression is an automatic wet chemical extinguishing system designed to protect equipment, life and property. Industrial kitchens are a major source of fires and these suppression systems counteract that.


Kitchen Suppression

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Commercial kitchen fire suppression system suppliers

Churches Fire & Security understands that industrial kitchens are often the source of fires, potentially the biggest risk in a premises. They are also an essential part of your business that you cannot afford to be out of action, containing sensitive equipment that is expensive to replace.

This is why we recommend kitchen suppression systems, to best protect your industrial kitchen from fire. Our technicians work with you to provide a system tailored to your requirements, making sure that in a fire situation your equipment is protected and your kitchen is up and running again as soon as possible. This saves you valuable time and money and protects the safety of your staff, customers and assets.

We are the leading fire protection company specialising in kitchen suppression. All our technicians are fully trained in all aspects of servicing and design, and are available 24/7 to re-engage your business after activation. All servicing is carried out to the manufacturer’s specifications. We only supply and install genuine approved parts. With Churches Fire & Security you can be confident that your kitchen is safe from the risk of fire.

Our technicians are trained to install, maintain and commission both Ansul and Amerex products.


Learn more about how Churches Fire & Security design, install and maintain Kitchen Suppression Systems in our downloadable pdf.

Kitchen Suppression
Ansul kitchen systems for fire protection in commercial kitchens

What are the benefits of kitchen suppression?

A kitchen suppression system is safer and more effective than fire extinguishers and fire blankets. It does not require an operative to be present and it can tackle fires that have spread into kitchen canopies and extract ducts. It also allows the kitchen to be cleaned up immediately, and normal operations to resume in the shortest possible time.

This means less damage to your property and less risk to your staff, as well as reduction of commercial impact to your business.

If you own an industrial kitchen, a kitchen suppression system is highly advisable. As well as protecting life and property, they reduce insurance premiums. Increasingly, insurance companies are requiring their installation as standard.

Types of kitchen suppression systems

Ansul and Amerex are renowned manufacturers of kitchen fire suppression systems, offering innovative solutions to combat fires effectively. Ansul systems utilise a variety of agents such as dry chemicals and wet agents to extinguish fires swiftly, making them suitable for a wide range of applications including kitchens and industrial environments. Amerex systems, on the other hand, are known for their versatility and reliability, providing tailored solutions for specific fire hazards, ensuring comprehensive protection for businesses and industries across the UK.

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