Fire Safety Services

Fire safety is always at the top of any business fire risk agenda, protecting your customers, staff and buildings is 100% a priority. At Churches Fire & Security we fully understand that delivering excellent and trusted fire safety services that are fully compliant and accurate is paramount. Discover more about what we can offer you to make sure your business is fully fire compliant.

Churches Fire & Security is a nationwide company, supplying UK businesses with the best fire protection services. From zone plans to sprinkler systems, we can do it.


Churches Fire & Security provides a broad range of fire protection services to businesses across the UK. We are a leading fire safety company who can deliver comprehensive fire protection and maintenance services, including in-house sprinkler servicing, fire alarm servicing and maintenance, as well as installation, without going to a third-party. Along with fire alarm monitoring, fire systems maintenance, we can offer fire alarm zone plans, which help to keep your buildings and staff safe. We pride ourselves on service with integrity so if you would like to discuss anything fire systems or fire training for your business contact us today: 0370 608 4350.

A smoke detector attached to a ceiling

Fire Alarms

Our fire alarm detection systems include smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detection, beam detection, wireless, air sampling and gas suppression.

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Vesda fire system

Aspirating Detection

Churches Fire & Security install and service aspirating detection systems in our fire alarms, to ensure the earliest fire detection possible at the central detection unit.

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High rises in the City of London on a cloudy day

Optical Beam Detection

Churches Fire & Security can protect your large spaces and high buildings from the threat of fire using optical beam detection.

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Fire alarm near first floor elevator and emergency exit of the building

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our fire alarm monitoring services ensure that help will be on hand in the case of an emergency, even when your building is empty.

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Fire Alarm Panel downloads

Fire Alarm Panel Downloads

Churches Fire & Security download and securely store fire alarm panel data configurations containing information vital to the safety of your buildings and staff.

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Fire Evacuation plan

Zone Plans

A customised fire alarm zone plan provided by Churches Fire & Security ensures that no time is wasted in finding the source of a fire of fault in an emergency.

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Fire Control & Prevention

Ceiling sprinkler for fire protection


Sprinkler systems are comprehensive fire suppression method. Churches Fire & Security design, manage, install and maintain high-quality sprinkler systems.

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Emergency lighting for fire exit sign in the airport terminal emergency exit

Emergency Lighting

Churches Fire & Security are experts in industry standard emergency lighting to guide your customers and staff to safety in an emergency, even if power is cut.

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Gas fire suppression systems are suited for server rooms

Gas Suppression

We install, maintain and service gas suppression systems, in line with industry standards, in areas where water cannot be used to combat a fire.

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Ansul kitchen systems for fire protection in commercial kitchens

Kitchen Suppression

Churches Fire & Security recommend, design, install and service kitchen suppression systems, to best protect your industrial kitchen from fire.

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High-rise buildings and blue sky

Dry Risers

We install, service and maintain wet and dry riser pipework, ready to assist firefighters in combatting a fire on the upper levels of a building.

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Churches Fire supply all types of Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

We provide a wide range of extinguisher products including; water, CO2, foam, dry powder and wet chemical extinguishers, for use on different types of fire.

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Fire safety signs can be supplied by Churches Fire, to be fire compliant

Fire Signage

Churches Fire & Security ensure that you are displaying the correct fire safety signs and evacuation procedures to comply with Health & Safety Regulations.

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Fire doors maintenance, in a corridor, to prevent fire spreading

Fire Doors

Stop the spread of fire, contain smoke, and protect evacuation routes with high quality fire door inspections from Churches Fire & Security.

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Fire hose reel, Churches Fire can inspect, test, carry out maintenance

Hose Reels

At Churches Fire & Security, our decades of experience mean that we are experts in the supply, installation and maintenance of fire hose reels.

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