Keeping Your School Safe From Fire

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - August 29, 2019

Fire safety in schools forms part of essential maintenance that must be constantly monitored.

At Churches Fire & Security we work with schools and other educational facilities to provide guidance, advice and fire safety services to protect students and staff from the potentially devastating effects of fire.

As with all businesses, every school is different with varying designs, layouts and occupancies. Some may offer accommodation to students whilst others are tailored for those with additional physical and mental requirements.

In order to safeguard against the threat of fire, it’s vital that schools:

Emergency exit sign above a black doorway

Due to the considerable differences in buildings and requirements, it’s important for each school facility to develop their own personalised fire safety plan.

Key points to consider when creating a plan:

  • How is a fire evacuation managed during, and out of, school hours?
  • Are enough fire exits, within limited travel distance, present throughout all school buildings?
  • What is the plan for those with special education requirements or different ability levels? Are personal emergency evacuation plans required?
  • Carry out regular fire drills for those who board to ensure pupils can be safely evacuated at night if necessary
  • Check that all fire doors are closed at night to compartment the building
  • Are fire escapes kept clear of obstruction?
  • Schools can experience issues with vandalism of equipment. Regularly check fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire alarms and call points for signs of damage and repair as required with the assistance of a fire safety services provider

All staff should receive fire safety training as part of their induction to the workplace, and should be encouraged to remain vigilant against the threat of fire. Encourage staff, visitors, contractors and students to use common sense when moving around the school buildings. Consider a fire safety campaign to raise awareness of hazards to look out for every day.

Fire safety in school environments must be a high priority for all.

Trust Churches Fire & Security to provide guidance and fire safety services for your educational facility.

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