Churchesfire services

Many fire protection companies claim to offer an end-to-end service, yet actually specialise in one area such as alarms, extinguishers or escape solutions and dabble in or outsource the rest. For customers, this normally means a less than adequate service or using more than one supplier – resulting in increased procurement effort, administration and costs.

At Churchesfire, however, we provide a complete range of fire prevention, detection, containment and evacuation products and services – specified, supplied and installed by our own highly trained, professional and accredited personnel to ensure maximum protection and compliance with the demands of the law and local requirements.  

Because no two customers or sites are the same, we draw upon our experience and continually updated knowledge to tailor fire protection solutions, which will include one or more products and services according to the nature of the premises, the business and the risks involved.

If you would like to discuss the fire protection for your premises call us now on 0870 608 4350 or contact us here.