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Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - May 16, 2018


Wrekin Housing values safety

The Wrekin Housing Group, a West Midlands social housing giant, boasts nearly 13,000 homes spanning Shropshire, Staffordshire, and Telford & Wrekin. Their unwavering commitment to fire safety mirrors Churches Fire & Security’s ethos.

These shared values underpin Churches Fire’s dedication to providing compliant, fire-safe environments for tenants, visitors, and Wrekin Housing employees. As a leading fire protection company, we prioritise delivering excellent fire protection services for our customers, ensuring peace of mind for all.

Fire safety comes first

Throughout our continued and long partnership with The Wrekin Housing Group, we’ve diligently delivered full-service fire safety and protection services. Our contract encompassed an impressive 290 sites, ranging from high-rise flats and residential blocks to warden-managed homes, shops, and offices.

At the heart of our commitment lies the maintenance of critical fire prevention systems, including dry risers, smoke vents, and fire sprinklers. Right from the project’s inception, we collaboratively tailored our services as part of the agreement, into interval servicing with Wrekin Housing, ensuring their unique needs were met. In times of crisis or emergency, we offer the invaluable assurance of swift emergency response, with our teams ready to act within two hours.

Our extensive experience in social housing maintenance equips us to tackle its distinctive challenges. To maintain fire safety compliance, we prioritise flexibility and open lines of communication. Our dedicated account handler serves as a reliable and personal point of contact, fostering a relationship built on trust and dependability. Our skilled technicians provide daily telephone support, ensuring Wrekin Housing’s peace of mind.

For planned maintenance, Wrekin Housing generates individual purchase orders, which are seamlessly sent electronically to our technicians each week. These technicians, in turn, schedule appointments and confirm them with a courtesy call the day prior. During service visits, over 90% of identified remedial work is promptly addressed, exemplifying our commitment to delivering a highly efficient and cost-effective service that aligns with commercial fire safety regulations.

Commitment to service

The importance of protecting our customer’s buildings, tenants, and employees is paramount to our commitment to providing a high-quality service.

Our fire protection solutions deliver:

  • Technology-enabled communications
  • Monthly customer meetings
  • Transparency and visibility through our customer portal
  • Swift rectification of issues
  • A responsive, caring account handler
  • Fire safety compliance and assurance

Churches Fire & Security deliver a very good level of service across our housing stock. Whether it's servicing, maintenance, or emergency call-outs, the technicians are always polite, presentable and represent Churches Fire in a positive manner. They're experts in their field and provide a high level of service in what can be a very challenging sector.

Stewart Holloway, Facilities Co-Ordinator, Wrekin Housing

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