Charity Partnership Removes Ocean Plastic

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - January 15, 2024


At Churches Fire & Security, we work in partnership with Dynamite Recruitment to fill vacancies across our business.

Dynamite assist in ensuring we employ the most qualified staff to maintain fire safety and security for our customers across the country.

Through this partnership, we are working with Seven Clean Seas – an ocean clean-up organisation established in 2018 to remove disposable plastic from the earth’s oceans and rivers. Using the latest in technology and a network of collection crews, the initiative has already seen over 2 million kilos of plastic removed over the last five years.

Aligning objectives with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, the start-up removes harmful plastics to sustain marine life and encourage growth in various ecosystems.

Items removed include fishing lines, plastic bags, product packaging, plastic bottles and caps, and textiles.



Dynamite Recruitment’s partnership with Seven Clean Seas fits with our business commitments to preserving and protecting the planet.

For every Churches job vacancy that is filled by the team at Dynamite, 1 plastic credit is allocated. This credit allows the collection crews to recover or intercept waste from a marine environment, before being taken to one of Seven Clean Seas’ Materials Recovery Facilities. At these Facilities, the waste is classified, sorted and processed before an the end-of-life solution is selected for the waste depending on it’s recyclability and the location of the project.


Throughout the partnership in 2023, Dynamite Recruitment filled 180 roles at Churches Fire & Security, resulting in 180┬ákilos of plastic waste being removed or diverted from the world’s oceans.

This is the equivalent of 7,200 plastic bottles, which would stretch roughly 1.4 km if placed end-to-end!

In 2024, we are committed to supporting Seven Clean Seas in their mission to help clean the world’s marine environments.