Time-Saving Fire Safety Options

Required in many types of buildings including factories and warehouses, Churches Fire & Security service and maintain alarms and lights for customers across the UK.

Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Fire alarms and emergency lighting are two crucial parts of any fire safety system. At Churches Fire, we can help your business save time with consolidated servicing.

Emergency Lighting

Combining Your Fire Safety Checks

In order to provide the highest quality service to our customers, many Churches Fire & Security technicians are qualified in several fire safety disciplines.

Combining your fire safety checks

One Engineer Maintaining Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarms

As essential parts of any fire safety system, Churches Fire & Security provides high-quality emergency lighting and fire alarms that customers can trust.

Churches Fire fire alarm test

Saving money the Churches Fire & Security way

Churches Fire & Security provide a broad range of fire safety services to customers throughout the UK. With all services being independently accredited you can rest assured that your safety is the priority.


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