Time-Saving Fire Safety Options

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - February 18, 2020

Emergency LightingFire alarms and emergency lighting are fundamental elements of fire safety protection for any business. Required in many types of buildings including factories and warehouses, Churches Fire & Security service and maintain alarms and lights for customers across the UK.

As Churches Fire & Security works hard to ensure our customers receive the best quality service, many of our technicians are multi-disciplined and able to maintain the working abilities of both fire alarms and emergency lighting in the same site visit.

It can often be the case that multiple providers are used to maintain fire safety products, meaning different billing and service dates need to be kept track of. By combining your services and using one trusted provider like Churches Fire & Security, businesses can save time, hassle and money.

Fire alarm

A combined alarm and lighting service visit would see the qualified technician perform fault checking, load testing of batteries, test alarms, light discharge tests and ensure adequate light coverage.

Following this visit, and corrective works required would be noted for the customer. At the point of the service finishing, the customer can rest assured that those parts of their fire safety systems are in good working order and shouldn’t require maintenance until the next combined service visit.

If there was an emergency situation and your fire alarm required a reset, there would be no need to waste time finding information on the company responsible for the maintenance of the system. The business Responsible Person would already know that Churches Fire & Security is responsible for all fire services.

The other benefit of using just one trusted, third-party accredited provider such as Churches Fire & Security, is that businesses stand to save money. Consistent servicing from one supplier can make budget planning simpler and cost queries easily explainable, negating the hassle of having to contact more than one fire safety services provider.

Trusting Churches Fire & Security with the servicing and maintenance of your fire safety services allows you to easily keep track of their upkeep and business spend.

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