Getting Ready for Re-Occupation


As businesses get ready for reoccupation, we have created a free recovery calendar detailing the points that the responsible person should consider during three key stages in the run up to re-occupancy. This helps to ensure that all risk factors are managed correctly and at the right time for peace and mind of those returning to the premises.

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Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and British Standards, every fire system should be managed by a responsible person. This person is responsible for the monthly testing of the system and the management of the maintenance carried out by the fire alarm company.

We have created a free monthly checklist highlighting the points to consider when inspecting your fire equipment

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To find out more about how Churches Fire & Security can help manage your risk during re-occupancy, please get in touch.

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We would like to support not only our customers but everyone during this time where we can. We are therefore offering free access to our online fire safety training programme to everyone. Evacuating the premises safely and effectively is paramount in the event of a fire and the procedure should be familiar to all employees and visitors. If you’ve got furloughed staff, perhaps now is the perfect time to re-familiarise your staff with fire training. Contact us on our dedicated number below.

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