What Is Fire Alarm Monitoring?

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - August 19, 2020

A working fire alarm system alerts those in the building to the presence of a fire, but when the premises is unattended, the alarm can go unheard. With a fire alarm monitoring system in place, an alert can be automatically sent to the fire and rescue services via an alarm receiving centre (ARC).

What is Fire Alarm Monitoring?

A fire alarm monitoring system is designed to operate in conjunction with fire alarms.

During usual working hours, when the premises is full of people, a fire alarm is a reliable method of alert. However, during periods of unoccupancy (such as in the evening, at weekends, during a Christmas break, temporary closure etc.) an alarm monitoring system could mean the difference between a business returning to work as usual and irreversible fire damage.

How Does Fire Alarm Monitoring Work?

Fire AlarmA working fire alarm is a reliable method of notifying employees and those in the surrounding areas of the presence of fire or smoke. The audible alert gives warning to leave the building or premises and proceed safely to the nearest evacuation point.

If the fire and rescue services are required to attend the scene, the fire warden or Responsible Person on site will make this call.

With a fire alarm monitoring system, when a fire alarm is activated an immediate alert is sent to an alarm receiving centre (ARC).

Operatives at the ARC will determine if there is a real fire emergency and alert the fire and rescue services to attend the site. With the emergency services notified, nominated keyholders for the business will also be contacted to take necessary action as required.

Protect your property and assets when your building is empty via our fire alarm monitoring services.

Churches Fire & Security is a DualCom partner who provide industry-leading fire alarm monitoring systems. Upon activation of your fire alarm, automatic alerts are sent to local emergency services and nominated staff members, enabling a fast response to your property.

CCTV Monitoring


DualCom benefits from a double signalling system, making use of a mobile network and analogue telephone line. This helps to ensure that the signal coming from your alarm system isn’t compromised and can reach the ARC without issue.

It’s hard to put a price on the added peace of mind of having your premises monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Consider the effects to your business of leaving it to chance that a passer-by would see smoke or fire, or be close enough to hear a fire alarm sounding.

Fire alarm monitoring is an effective way to ensure that if a fire should occur when a building is empty, the alarms do not go unheard and the results are not detrimental.

A key addition to any fire safety service, the cost of fire alarm monitoring is small in comparison to the cost of leaving your building unattended without monitoring, should a fire break out.

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