Fire Alarm Weekly Checks

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - July 16, 2019

To ensure your business is protected against the threat of fire, you should be testing your fire alarms weekly. Learn what you should be looking for in our short video guide.

What to check

  • Test all call points on-site in rotation
  • Ensure each call point is checked for signs of damage
  • Make sure the alarm sounds clearly from each call point
  • Record the test in your log book, noting any issues
  • Try not to schedule the tests at the end of the day as if any issues present during the test, you may be subject to out-of-hours call out charges


At Churches Fire & Security, we provide our customers with all types of fire detection, including wireless, single-point smoke, beam detection, heat and carbon monoxide detection, gas suppression systems and air sampling (aspirated).

As the most dependable way of alerting people to the presence of fire, fire alarms are required in most buildings, as required in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Fire Risk Assessment in place.


Fire Alarm Weekly Checks

Need Some Help?

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It’s important to remember that more in-depth checks of your fire alarm must be carried out by a competent technician.

At Churches Fire & Security we have the qualifications and experience to help you meet your fire safety duties, whilst ensuring compliance to the relevant standards.

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