How do Sprinkler Systems work?

Churches Fire & Security are experts in sprinklers, designing and installing systems specific to customer requirements in order to suppress fire quickly.

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Education Sector

New Importance Sprinkler Regulations 2020

Following on from our post two weeks ago, Churches Fire and Security is taking an in depth look at the newly amended Statutory Guidance in relation to building height and sprinkler systems.

Fire Sprinkler System

Complete Service for your Sprinkler System

Quality-assured sprinkler systems from Churches Fire & Security gives businesses across the UK peace of mind that buildings and people are safe. We are experts in sprinkler systems, from design and installation to servicing and maintenance.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler in red water pipe System

Future-proofing Your Premises With Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems play a vital role in limiting the impact of fire, particularly in large buildings such as offices, schools, and flat blocks.

Engineer check red generator pump for water sprinkler piping and fire alarm control system.

Performing as Key Workers

Churches Fire & Security continues to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation globally, and the safety of our employees, customers and partners is our top priority.

Team member carrying out fire extinguisher servicing

Fire Equipment & Sprinkler Systems in Schools

Discover why it's important for education settings to have fire sprinkler systems. From protecting people to minimising the impact of fire damage on schools.

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Education Sector

Fire Safety in Historic Buildings

In historic buildings, it is particularly important to ensure a suitable FRA is carried out and that a fire safety plan is in place. This category of premises comes with its own challenges with access areas, preservation orders and hazards.

Fire Safety in Historic Buildings

Manufacturing Fire Safety

No matter the product or material being manufactured, warehouses and factories must take the necessary steps to ensure fire safety precautions are in place.

Manufacturing Fire Safety

Sprinkler Systems in Schools

A comprehensive fire protection system in an educational environment is required to ensure safety from the risk of fire. Sprinkler systems can form part of this fire protection.

Sprinkler Systems in Schools

Saving money the Churches Fire & Security way

Businesses will save money on typical overhead fee's like fire protection equipment or services. Consolidate everything with one fire & security company.