How do Sprinkler Systems work?

Churches Fire are experts in sprinklers, designing and installing systems specific to customer requirements in order to suppress fire quickly. Sprinklers work independently, detecting heat of a specific temperature and dousing fire quickly to avoid spreading.

Automatic fire sprinkler safety system and black water cooling supply pipe. Fire Suppression. Fire protection and detector. Fire sprinkler system with red pipes hanging from ceiling inside building.

Complete Service for your Sprinkler System

Quality-assured sprinkler systems from Churches Fire gives businesses across the UK peace of mind that buildings and people are safe. We are experts in sprinkler systems, from design and installation to servicing and maintenance.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler in red water pipe System

Saving money the Churches Fire way

Churches Fire provide a broad range of fire safety services to customers throughout the UK. With all services being independently accredited you can rest assured that your safety is the priority.


Churches Fire acquires Eton Fire Ltd

Churches Fire, a nationwide company dedicated to supplying customers with the best fire protection and compliance solutions, are excited to announce the recent acquisition of Eton Fire Ltd.

Ceiling Sprinkler