How do Sprinkler Systems work?

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - July 4, 2022

Churches Fire & Security are experts in sprinklers, designing and installing systems specific to customer requirements in order to suppress fire quickly.

Sprinklers work independently, detecting heat of a specific temperature and dousing fire quickly to avoid spreading.

There are several common myths about sprinklers such as that they are activated by smoke, that they can be triggered in error and that once one has been activated, all others will follow.

According to BAFSA, the UK’s leading professional trade association for the fire sprinkler industry, records show that the chance of an accidental discharge is extremely rare*.

Sprinkler System in Schools

How are sprinklers activated?

Step 1: Heat is detected

Sprinkler systems contain either a glass bulb filled with a liquid that expands with heat, or a solder fusible link that will melt when it reaches a certain temperature. When hot air rises as the result of a fire, the glass bulb shatters or the solder melts, thus activating the sprinkler head.

Step 2: Fire is doused

Upon shattering, a valve connected to a water supply opens. The water supply is pressurised and controlled to thoroughly drench the area of heat.

Step 3: Damage is limited

Unlike what we see in film and television shows, one sprinkler being activated does not trigger all others, causing untold water damage to property. The focussed activation of the system means that in many cases the fire is suppressed before the fire service has arrived on the scene.

As a business designing, installing and maintaining sprinkler systems, our work must meet the standards set out by LPS 1048, audited by LPCB, of which Churches Fire & Security has a Level Three accreditation. This means that all of our sprinklers meet the highest quality, third-party assured standards.

For more in-depth information about sprinkler systems including the different types available and how they can work for your business, please see our guide.

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