Churches Fire Careers

Churches Fire are a UK-leading business in the fire safety sector. A national company with a local presence, we provide a broad range of products and services to companies large and small.

From servicing of sprinkler systems to installation of new fire alarms, our work covers a broad range of areas and we are always on the lookout to partner with highly professional people, whatever the skill set.

Our full-time technicians are located across the UK, partnering with businesses to protect products, people and assets, while our in-house office staff manage accounts, provide client support and organise our systems and processes.

Meet Charles

My name is Charles, and I joined Churches Fire in December 2016 as a Sprinkler Design Engineer in the Projects department. The job opportunity offered by Churches Fire has been great. Since joining the team, the company has been very supportive, providing ongoing training and support, and I have attained a range of new qualifications.

In terms of my personal development, I have been able to take on Project Manager responsibilities in addition to my Design duties, allowing me to utilise new skills.

The company promotes flexible working which gives me the opportunity to work from home on average four days a week.

Having met wonderful colleagues, received five star support and having undertaken extensive training and development opportunities, I am proud to be a part of the Churches Fire team.