Churches Fire & Security’s Health & Safety ethos

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - September 26, 2023


At Churches Fire & Security all of our work is centred around our Health & Safety ethos, ‘Safety Starts With Me’.

With a well-established link between highlighting near-misses, and taking immediate action, we empower every person in our company to become their own Safety Officer, keeping everyone safe.

Three actions are key to ensuring our business operations are run safely: SEE IT, REPORT IT, FIX IT.


By planning ahead and continually monitoring near-miss and incident reports, we effectively control the risks that might arise from our work activities.  All work areas and work equipment are maintained to allow our employees, sub-contractors and everyone else affected by our activities, to be in a safe and healthy environment. If a hazard is identified, we’ll stop and take ourselves out of the situation before making it safe.


Our dedicated incident reporting phone line, staffed by qualified first aiders, ensures all near-misses and incidents are tracked and monitored; stopping another person having an accident. By highlighting issues, we can put actions in place to prevent a hazard or near-miss from becoming an accident. We reduce our chance of a serious accident because we understand what is going wrong, and how to fix it promptly.


The Health & Safety team study every incident report, and follow up with any actions required to prevent recurrence and potential accidents in the future. Through continuous training and development pathways, our employees have the highest level or health and safety knowledge.

Our Senior Leadership Team are dedicated to enforcing these actions, encouraging employees to act safely and considerately whilst on customer sites, driving and in the office.

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