Fire Extinguisher & Fire Door Maintenance

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - May 25, 2021

For thousands of restaurants, hotels, offices, factories, hospitals, leisure facilities and retailers across the UK, fire extinguishers and fire doors are in position to act should a fire occur.

Legislation in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that all businesses must have fire extinguishers readily available and visible at all times.

Fire doors also fall under this ruling, with the maintenance of them being a key requirement for every business to which the Order applies.

Churches Fire & Security technicians are working with industries to ensure these regulations are met, and that equipment operates as expected in an emergency.

Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance

fire doorSeveral technicians at Churches Fire & Security are multi-skilled, which means they are able to maintain different services across our fire and security offering.

As part of the yearly service (BS 5306-3) required on fire extinguishers, you can also arrange for your fire doors to receive a visual inspection during the same service visit.

Whilst damage to extinguishers may be obvious; such as tags removed or denting, impairment of fire doors can be harder to spot.

Although we all walk through fire doors frequently, it can be easy to miss early signs of wear and tear. If not dealt with efficiently, the suitability of the door could be compromised in a real fire situation.

Consolidating your fire safety maintenance reduces the need for multiple site visits. Recommendations on extinguishers and doors, as well as other services such as fire alarms and CCTV systems, can be provided whilst on the customer location, further saving time and money on additional visits.

Checking Your Extinguishers Monthly

Your fire extinguishers must be serviced annually by a competent technician, as stated in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

However, you should be performing visual inspections every month to get for signs of damage.

Find out what you should be looking for in this short video:

*Please note that more thorough checks involving the gauge are required.

Need Some Help?

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Trust Churches Fire & Security to ensure your fire extinguishers and fire doors are fully functioning for use in any fire situation.