Hotel Kitchen Fire Suppression

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - January 22, 2020

Churches Fire & Security provide fire suppression products from Ansul to our hotel customers nationwide.

A fire suppression system is an essential piece of equipment in a working kitchen. It can promptly detect and extinguish a fire, lessening the damage that a fire can cause in this situation.

When all matters of heat source are considered, including boilers, pans, grills, ovens and fat fryers, it’s crucial to employ fire suppression to protect not only the kitchen and working staff, but the rest of the building, guests, visitors and contractors as well.

In commercial kitchens such as those in hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels and guest houses, fire suppression systems from Ansul are in use. They use advanced technology to quickly determine that there is a fire situation (via smoke or heat detectors or manually by a break glass point or cord) before releasing an agent that removes the oxygen from the area. This quickly covers the fire area with a foam, stopping the spread before extensive damage can take place.

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Churches Fire & Security are proud to be recognised as an Authorised Distributor of products from Ansul; industry leaders since 1939.

The Importance of Kitchen Fire Suppression

In a busy hotel kitchen there can be dozens of ignition sources, increasing the risk of fire every time one is used or left unattended. Fire extinguishers and fire blankets should be located in the kitchen as standard, available to use if safe to extinguisher a small fire. However, kitchen fire suppression provides extra protection for the wider area and can protect more than the immediate area.

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Nozzles positioned under the cooking hood release pre-determined amounts of a fire suppressant. When discharged, the agent cools the area and cuts off the oxygen supply by forming a foam layer over the fire source. This foam layer helps to prevent the fire progressing to other areas.

The activation of the fire suppression system can trigger the fire alarm in the building, allowing for safe evacuation of the area whilst the Ansul system works to extinguish the fire.

Once activated, the system can be re-charged by a Churches Fire & Security technician within hours meaning the kitchen is safe to use as quickly and safely as possible.


Churches Fire & Security technicians service our customers Ansul systems at least every six months, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Each system provided by Churches Fire & Security is certified by certified by EN16282-7, tested to UL300 standards and approved by LPCB (LPS 1223).

To ensure that fire suppression systems under our care meet the regulated standards, we regularly attend training sessions with Ansul. This provides peace of mind to our customers that their hotel, bed & breakfasts, hostel or guest house kitchen is protected as much as possible from the threat of fire.

To discuss Ansul systems or other kitchen suppression services, please contact Churches Fire & Security.

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