Servicing Fire Extinguishers in Care Homes

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - January 23, 2019

Churches Fire & Security has a wide range of experience working in environments where sensitivity and careful consideration of vulnerable people are required. Providing fire safety services and nurse call alarms within care homes, we carefully consider the needs of both the business and its residents, many of whom are elderly, vulnerable or have health issues.

Our extinguisher technicians work alongside care home staff to ensure portable fire extinguishers are fully-functioning and would perform as required in the event of an emergency, all the while working in a considerate manner towards vulnerable adults within the home.

Care homes require fire extinguishers that have been maintained in accordance with fire safety standard BS 5305 part 3, including annual servicing. Our technicians are highly-trained professionals, able to undertake annual extinguisher servicing with minimal disruption to the routine of the home. Visits are booked in advance at a time and date convenient for the organisation.

Technicians have been trained to look at the fire risk assessment and log book upon arrival, noting any changes to the buildings and familiarising themselves with any considerations to make while working around vulnerable people. In some instances where the residents are unfamiliar to strangers, the technician will happily be escorted around the premises as required.

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What happens during a service visit?

The servicing and maintenance procedure begins with the technician guiding their way to each fire extinguisher to perform all of the required safety checks. Inspection and testing is carried out in line with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Whilst on site, technicians also consider the surrounding risk areas and are trained to notice any inconsistencies with fire doors, alarm systems, emergency lighting, electrical appliances and more.

Churches Fire & Security special considerations:

  • We recognise that care homes are busy places. Our technicians are trained to be extra vigilant where they are working so that they do not cause obstructions or trip hazards.
  • Technicians work hard to ensure servicing of extinguishers and fire blankets in and around kitchen areas are done outside of busy meal times.
  • Work in common areas or in corridors near bedrooms is undertaken discreetly and as quietly as possible as to not disturb sleeping residents.
  • Extra care is given to ensure fire extinguishers have not been tampered with by residents. Fixtures and fittings are checked to ensure the equipment is firmly secured to the wall and casing or guards are fitted where necessary.
  • Where a new fire action notice is required, our technicians are trained to check the fire risk assessment for the evacuation procedure of your home to avoid any conflicting procedures.

When a technician is satisfied that all equipment has been assessed and tested, they will discuss the work completed, together with any further fire safety recommendations. If extinguishers or parts are found to be faulty, technicians are often able to source new materials from their fully-stocked vans or local equipment store, reducing both costs and disruptions to the home.


A Certificate of Inspection is provided on completion of a maintenance visit. A written defects and inspection report will be supplied.

Churches Fire & Security has over two decades of experience working in the fire safety sector, with many of our technicians having over 10+ years of experience in the industry. Our third-party BAFE accredited technicians are sensitive to the requirements when working within the care sector and are able to undertake maintenance and servicing with the utmost professionalism and with minimal disruption to your staff and residents.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

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