We have grown both organically and by acquisition and are very keen to continue acquiring fire protection businesses be they large or small.  If you own one and are considering selling it then make sure you speak to us.  As well as offering the best deals, our experience and expertise in this area ensures the whole process is as swift and simple as possible:

  • Contact us for a brief overview conversation over a coffee or over the telephone.

  • To make the best possible offer we will need to understand your business.  Prior to discussing this information we enter into a Non Disclosure Agreement  (NDA), which legally restricts the use of the business information you share with us.

  • Following receipt of the relevant information, we will make a prompt offer for your business.

  • If our offer is acceptable to you, Heads of Terms will be agreed.

  • We will conduct Due Diligence.  We are expert at carrying this out remotely, however should access to business premises be required this can be done during the evening or over a weekend.

  • The contract is issued and agreed and the monies paid over on completion.

We have a large acquisition fund already in place and therefore do not need to seek to borrow from financial institutions and all that entails.

We work closely with new staff and have several senior managers and people throughout the business that joined us when we acquired their previous employer.  TUPE protects your staffs employment rights.

Contact us regarding your business

If you have a fire protection business and would like to speak with us please contact us using the form below or call Paul Topley or Simon Burns on 08706084350: