Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - October 25, 2019

Fire alarms and emergency lighting are two crucial parts of any fire safety system. At Churches Fire & Security, we can help your business save time by consolidating your servicing.

As part of the Churches Fire & Security dedication to complete servicing, our technicians are often multi-disciplined. This means that they are qualified to maintain and service both fire alarms and emergency lighting, often during one site visit.

Fire Alarm Servicing

When a Churches Fire & Security technician visits your business site, they will service your fire alarm on the following points:

  • Alarm audibility terms
  • Fully check the alarm panel functions
  • Ensure wiring is secure and undamaged
  • Examine the batteries
  • Carry out function tests
  • Test each call point, smoke and heat detector
  • Update log book and confirm all test results

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Fire alarm

Emergency Lighting Checks

As experts in the industry standards for emergency lighting, we provide our customers with systems that are fully compliant, making sure that should a power failure occur, the emergency lights activate as expected.

Servicing in strict accordance with the current BS 5266-1, the Churches Fire & Security technician will service the following:

  • Check the condition and expiry date of the batteries
  • Ensure the correct circuitry is in place
  • Examine the quality of the fittings
  • Test the switches and bulbs
  • Determine if the emergency lighting is located in all required locations

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key inside the emergency lighting test box to start some servicing checklists

As we service all areas of the UK, we have technicians based permanently around the country. By driving vans fully-stocked with the necessary equipment to service both fire alarms and emergency lighting, we can often negate the need for a return visit.

We also maintain over 190 secure lock-up facilities that house spare equipment parts, removing the need to wait for standard parts to be ordered.

Combining your fire alarm and emergency lighting servicing with Churches Fire & Security can save your business valuable time and avoid additional interruption to your day.


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