Vision and Values

We set and adhere to uncompromisingly high standards so that our staff are proud to represent us and our customers know that they can depend on us. These standards are expressed in our Company Vision.

Our Values are a statement of our culture, business processes and way of doing things. They form the basis of our everyday activity by all directors and staff with our customers, business partners, suppliers and stakeholders. We firmly believe that this sets us apart from other providers in our industry.

Our Vision

  • To provide all of our customers, no matter where they are located, with a level of fire safety, service and attention unequalled by any competitor. 
  • To ensure our communication is effective and efficient with customers, suppliers and each other at all times – eliminating frustration for us and for others. 
  • To utilise state-of-the-art technologies to eradicate waste, reduce costs and minimise our carbon footprint.
  • To provide a safe and happy working environment for all of our staff.
  • To constantly monitor and review performance and challenge ourselves as an organisation, as groups and as individuals so we can grow and achieve our maximum potential collectively and individually.

Our Values


To continually advance and progress ourselves, our company and our service at all times. By constantly changing, adapting and varying our processes when necessary, we will achieve optimum performance. To ensure we use best knowledge practices to stay ahead of our competitors. To ensure we share best knowledge practices with each other.


To be open to the giving and receiving of information, freely, for the greater good of the company to ensure knowledge is shared. To be able to share information with one and all without judgement, to achieve greater progression.


To be proud of our company and its Vision as well as our products and services. To maintain the ability to promote Churchesfire in a positive light, based on a strong belief that we are unrivalled in our quality of service to our customers.


To be constantly aware of how our actions may impact our colleagues and to take others into account in our decision making process. To ensure we communicate efficiently with sufficient detail and to the necessary departments and individuals to minimise errors and their consequences. To fully understand our processes and procedures, the reasons behind them and to follow them diligently for the benefit of all involved.


To provide a dependable service to all customers and staff, endeavouring to improve this dependability at all times through the sharing of good practice.

If you similarly share these values and only work with suppliers who put quality and customer service at the top of their agenda call us today on 0870 608 4350 or contact us here