Consolidated Fire Extinguisher and Fire Door Servicing

Combine the legal required servicing of your business fire extinguishers and fire doors.

Fire Extinguisher & Fire Door Maintenance

Fire safety equipment is found in every industry, providing fundamental protection should a fire start. Extinguishers and fire doors are two vital pieces of apparatus that require regular inspection.

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Are your fire extinguishers in full working order and legally compliant?

For thousands of restaurants, hotels, offices, factories, hospitals, leisure facilities, and retailers across the UK, fire extinguishers act as the first line of defence, should a fire occur. With the blueprint for reopening now set, your fire extinguishers must be fully operational.

Fire Extinguishers

The Importance of Fire Safety Training

No matter the industry or location, being aware of how to act in the event of a fire is a vital for all employees.

Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety in Historic Buildings

In historic buildings, it is particularly important to ensure a suitable FRA is carried out and that a fire safety plan is in place. This category of premises comes with its own challenges with access areas, preservation orders and hazards.

Fire Safety in Historic Buildings

Manufacturing Fire Safety

No matter the product or material being manufactured, warehouses and factories must take the necessary steps to ensure fire safety precautions are in place.

Manufacturing Fire Safety

Fire Safety Advice for Landlords

Property landlords are responsible for the fire safety of their tenants, ensuring that the appropriate safety measures are in place.

Fire Safety Advice for Landlords

The Importance of Quality Fire Safety for Facilities Managers

As a vital part of a Facilities Managers' role, fire safety services must be given due attention.

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Fire Safety Advice for Property Managers

Property managers must ensure that fire safety standards are met and that regular servicing plans are in place.

Combining Your Fire Safety Checks

In order to provide the highest quality service to our customers, many Churches Fire & Security technicians are qualified in several fire safety disciplines.

Combining your fire safety checks

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