Fire Safety Advice for Property Managers

Property managers must ensure that fire safety standards are met and that regular servicing plans are in place.

The Importance of Fire Alarm Servicing

As part of your fire safety maintenance, you must arrange for a competent technician to service your fire alarm system.

types of Fire Alarms displayed on a wall, with fire panels

Fire Extinguishers in Schools

Effective fire protection in schools is required to ensure safety from the risk of fire. Fire extinguishers in schools form part of this fire protection.

Fire safety in schools

Fire Alarm Weekly Checks

As part of your fire safety maintenance, you must carry out weekly fire alarm checks.

Fire Alarm Weekly Checks

Your Responsibilities as a Property Manager

At Churches Fire & Security, we work closely with Property Managers. The use of our extensive fire safety services assists with compliance and ensures emergencies can be dealt with swiftly if they occur.

LONDON, UK - 25 August, 2017: Facade of the residential buildings in Kensington, the one of the most expensive places to live in UK

One Engineer Maintaining Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarms

As essential parts of any fire safety system, Churches Fire & Security provides high-quality emergency lighting and fire alarms that customers can trust.

Churches Fire fire alarm test

Fire safety in care homes

Nursing homes, care facilities and hospices are key to the comfort and wellbeing of vulnerable people. Managing such a service carries the responsibility of ensuring legislation is followed and regulations are met.


Saving money the Churches Fire & Security way

Churches Fire & Security provide a broad range of fire safety services to customers throughout the UK. With all services being independently accredited you can rest assured that your safety is the priority.


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