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In line with the increasing complexity of building structures and designs, Churches Fire & Security provides a wide range of passive protection products and systems suited to your individual business needs.

Passive protection, often a requirement for means of escape protection in current building regulations, provides a vital service in the event of a fire occurring by limiting damage to the building and its contents by preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

It does this by restricting the spread of fire and smoke in a building by keeping it in the compartment or room of origin, by providing protection to escape routes to allow occupants sufficient time to evacuate, by providing protection to the buildings structural supports and by protecting assets within the building.

Passive protection


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What is passive fire protection?

In normal working conditions, passive protection products often go unnoticed, remaining inactive unless activated by the presence of fire. Once activated passive protection products act to contain or slow the spread of fire, acting as an integral component of a building’s structure.

Passive protection products not only help to protect a building and its assets, but, in containing the fire, they provide valuable evacuation time for building occupants.

Churches Fire & Security have over two decades in the fire safety sector and are able to advise the passive protection best suited to your building.

Passive protection products

Fire doors are one of the most well-known forms of passive protection, however a wide range of other passive products are available for installation by Churches Fire & Security both for upgrading existing buildings and for use in new builds. Products include intumescent Ablative batts, intumescent seals, collars and wraps for use on PVC pipes and intumescent mastics for construction joints, intumescent downlighter covers/hoods, intumescent air transfer grills and even intumescent covers/inserts for electrical wall sockets.

Other products include intumescent coatings that can be used to protect steelwork and fire protection boards for walls, ceilings and floors for compartmentation protection.

Our technicians can install and maintain passive protection products to fulfil your requirements and ensure compliance.

Maintenance of passive protection

There is a requirement within current legislation to ensure fire protection is maintained however there is no generic guidance in regards to maintenance of passive protection. This is due to the differing industry sectors and the resulting variable environmental conditions within each industry sector and it is the product manufacturer who should be turned to for specific guidance.

Notwithstanding this, passive protection products should, as far as is reasonably practicable, be inspected by a competent person on an annual basis to ensure it is not damaged; this will likely be done as part of the fire risk assessment process.

It is also advisable to inspect passive protection after building works have taken place to ensure no damage has occurred, for example around wall penetrations where cables/pipes have been installed or between compartments following the installation of new doors/windows. Damage found would require the services of a specialist company, such as Churches Fire & Security, to rectify.

Ideally a full inspection would be preferable but this can often be invasive and would require the services of a specialist company, such as Churches Fire & Security, to ‘make-good’ after the inspection. Invasive inspections like this may take place during building works or refurbishments.


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Our fire alarm detection systems include smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detection, beam detection, wireless, air sampling and gas suppression.

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Churches Fire & Security are experts in industry standard emergency lighting to guide your customers and staff to safety in an emergency, even if power is cut.

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Churches Fire & Security recommend, design, install and service kitchen suppression systems, to best protect your industrial kitchen from fire.


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