Kitchen Fire Suppression

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - September 20, 2022

Churches Fire & Security provide kitchen fire suppression products from trusted suppliers to our catering customers nationwide.

A fire suppression system is an essential piece of equipment to keep an commercial kitchen safe from fire. It can quickly detect and douse a fire, minimising the damage that can occur in an emergency.

In commerical kitchen settings, such as in hotels, bed & breakfasts, restaurants, schools or other catering facilities, fire suppression systems from Ansul are often used.


kitchen fire suppression

Using advanced technology to rapidly determine the presence of a fire (usually via smoke/heat detectors, or manually using break glass points), a fire suppressant is released to remove the oxygen from the affected area. Nozzles are located underneath cooking hoods with specific amounts of suppressant. These are designed to cover the selected area with the suppressant, cutting off the oxygen supply and dousing the fire, avoiding the spread of the fire and avoiding any extensive damage.

The activation of the fire suppression system can trigger the fire alarm in the building, allowing for safe evacuation of the area whilst the system works to extinguish the fire. After activation, the system can be re-charged by a Churches Fire & Security technician within hours, meaning the kitchen is safe to use as quickly and safely as possible.

In a busy commercial kitchen, there are many sources of ignition, increasing fire risks at every use. Fire extinguishers and blankets should be positioned in the kitchen as standard, with suppression systems providing automatic protection in the immediate area.

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Churches Fire & Security are proud to be recognised as an Authorised Distributor of products from Ansul; industry leaders since 1939.


Churches Fire & Security technicians service our customers Ansul systems at least every six months, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Each system provided by Churches Fire & Security is certified by certified by EN16282-7, tested to UL300 standards and approved by LPCB (LPS 1223).

To ensure that fire suppression systems under our care meet the regulated standards, we regularly attend training sessions with Ansul. This provides peace of mind to our customers that their commercial kitchen is protected as much as possible from the threat of fire.

To discuss kitchen suppression services for your commerical business, please contact Churches Fire & Security.

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