Brand New Alarm Receiving Centre launched

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - March 4, 2022


Churches Fire & Security is proud to announce the opening of a specially built Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) at our company premises.

The ARC is fully managed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by specially trained colleagues, and continuously monitors customer CCTV systems, fire and intruder alarms, making use of the latest secured technology to give customers peace of mind that their premises is monitored at all times.

Take a look inside the ARC in our behind-the-scenes video:


Based at a secured Churches Fire & Security location, the monitoring facility connects to customers’ protective services via protected signals.

Accessed only by those with the applicable security clearance and knowledge of system practices, the team of trained handlers are on-site 24/7.

When an alert is received at the ARC, the following actions occur:

  • A fire or intruder alarm is triggered at a customer premises
  • Secure signal is sent from the customer control panel to the ARC
  • An operative assesses the trigger and alerts the business owners, or emergency services as required
  • If the trigger is a false alarm or service issue, the operatives have the capability to reset the control panel remotely via the ARC
  • If a service issue cannot be rectified remotely, a qualified Churches Fire & Security technician will be sent to site, equipped with all the knowledge required to carry out a swift fix

The Alarm Receiving Centre is prepared to monitor a number of systems, depending on customer requirements, including:


Full system connection, alerting when any fire alarm is activated.


Total monitored management of a premises’ intruder alarms.


Visual observation of a business premises via cameras.


  • Immediate response to triggered alarms, minimising the chance of loss or damage
  • 24/7 management by highly trained handlers
  • Helps to meet business insurance requirements in commercial environments
  • Peace of mind that premises’ are monitored, especially when vacant
  • Emergency services notified within seconds if necessary
  • Total management of systems with one trusted provider, removing the need to manage multiple providers
  • Secured portal included as standard; customer can manage their account, view alarm history and note actions taken

Churches Fire's new Alarm Receiving Centre


NSI gold official logo and accreditation

The Churches Fire & Security ARC is 100% dedicated to the management of our customer’s sites.
Using the latest industry technology, and in conjunction with the personal touch, alarm triggers are handled in accordance with the required standards.

Monitoring at our ARC is NSI Gold Accredited, and operates to the most up-to-date British Standard EN50518.2019.
Possessing the highest level of accreditation in monitoring centres, alarm handling and management systems means that our working practices are subject to regular audits to ensure compliance.

To discuss alarm monitoring for your business, contact the experienced Churches Fire & Security team today.