Author - Sam Smith |
Publish Date - June 17, 2021

Access Control Systems play a vital role in providing enhanced security for businesses throughout the UK, including offices, industrial sites, factories, care homes, hospitals and hotels.


Tracked Building Entry

Controlling who can enter sites, buildings and rooms allows businesses to know exactly how many people there are in a designated space. This is crucial in the event of a fire outbreak as businesses will have the data to confirm who needs to be accounted for, saving crucial time in an emergency.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of managing room and building capacity has increased, with new restrictions in place. An Access Control system can monitor this for you, and the relevant person can be alerted when capacity is reached.

Restricted Building Access

Access Control systems provide protection and help reduce crime by restricting unauthorised access to a building, room or site, whilst protecting staff from potential threats including abuse and harassment.

Restricting access to specific areas within a building can also prevent individuals within an organisation from having access to sensitive information, expensive equipment and/or hazardous materials. For example, an office worker will have access to workstations and communal areas, but not to the Human Resources office or waste disposal points.

Reduced risk with door entry & access control 

The risk of losing physical keys and the potential disruption this may cause can be negated with an Access Control system. Lost entry cards can instantly be removed from the system, eliminating the security risk and a replacement entry card or fob can be set up in minutes. This can also reduce potential costs, which in a worst-case scenario could include new door locks for an entire site.

The access of any member of staff who leaves the business without notice can also be removed at the click of a button, helping to remove a potential security risk.

People Management & Tracking 

Well-designed Access Control and door entry systems can provide valuable data to a business. The time a person enters and leaves a building can be tracked through a door entry system, highlighting lateness, unauthorised breaks, and those leaving the premises early.

Remote Door Access & Entry Systems 

The majority of businesses are not staffed 24 hours a day, meaning there are often times when suppliers, cleaners, delivery drivers etc require access outside of business hours. Video intercom systems or temporary access codes can be implemented to grant entry to those requiring access during these times.


As well as ensuring your Access Control system is installed according to current standards, we also provide regular servicing to maintain full compliance. With any electrical system, Access Control requires ongoing maintenance and annual checks to ensure good working order.

As a cost-effective measure, it’s good working practice to keep the Access Control system working at the optimum level throughout its lifetime rather than dealing with emergency repairs. Regular maintenance also reduces the risk of a faulty part not operating correctly at the time when it is needed most.

Electronic door access control system with finger print recognition and passcode entry

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