Benefits of CCTV Systems for Your Business

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - September 25, 2020

Churches Fire & Security service and maintain CCTV Systems for businesses of all industries across the UK.

CCTV Systems are often in place for security purposes, or as stipulated by insurance companies, however there are several additional benefits to installing monitoring equipment on a business premises.


Identify Visitors on Site

The use of cameras at entry points, as well as in car parks and surrounding areas, helps to keep track of who is coming onto your business site. With time stamping on the footage, you can keep records of entry and exit times, noting any patterns of behaviour if necessary.

CCTV System

Deter Criminals

The presence of cameras observing the activity of an area can act as a deterrent to potential criminals. The sight of a camera can cause someone with negative intentions to have second thoughts, and leave your business premises untouched.

Monitor Activity

For the safety of lone workers, or during quiet periods in a building, CCTV cameras can keep track of what is happening 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Monitoring the activities of your colleagues, visitors and contractors, you’re providing peace of mind for everyone on site. A system can also be used to keep a record of the delivery of goods.

Crime Detection

CCTV is extremely useful in providing evidence of criminal activity to the police force. The use of CCTV footage can identify those involved in unlawful activity on your site, as well as provide evidence for insurance purposes.


Whether used as a way of identifying potential criminals or a surveillance tool, there are a number of system types to choose from.

An analog system directly sends images over cabling to a digital video recorder (DVR) which is then stored on a hard drive. Most modern DVRs can be accessed remotely allowing for viewing away from site.

Internet protocol (IP) broadcasts over an IP network as a video stream. There can be more flexibility with an IP system as a network video recorder is used, negating the need to convert analog footage to digital.

hybrid system is a combination of both analog and IP and is often a way to moving to a completely internet protocol system.


Churches Fire & Security hold certification for the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV Systems in compliance with the requiremetns of the SSAIB Code of Practice SS2003.

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