Free Online Fire Safety Training

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - August 26, 2020

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Churches Fire & Security has looked for ways to help customers and other businesses stay proactive in their approach to fire safety and security.

As well as continuing to maintain services for our customers, our online fire safety training has been offered to everyone, customer or not, at no charge.

Churches Fire & Security took this step in order to play our part in the national fight against Covid-19.

Free Online Fire Safety Training

The online fire safety training service from Churches Fire & Security consists of five modules:

  1. What is fire?
  2. Good housekeeping
  3. In the event of fire
  4. Fire safety signs
  5. Fire extinguishers

Free online fire safety training

The in-depth training platform teaches the learner what a fire is and how the fire triangle of heat, fuel and oxygen must all be present at the same time in order to create the combustion reaction.

Typical ignition sources include cigarettes, heaters and cooking equipment. Fuel sources, such as paper and textiles, are required to feed the source of the fire, whilst the oxygen present in the air we breathe supports combustion.

Good housekeeping in your business (as well as in your home) helps to eliminate the risk of fire.

Workplace examples of how fires can be started inadvertently are included in the training, to give warning signs of what to look out for.

Fire safety and fire fighting equipment are also highlighted in the complimentary online training.

Once successfully completed, the learner will receive a certificate that can be printed for their records.

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