Managing Risk During Covid-19

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - May 5, 2020

Managing your risk during this time

Many businesses are working under reduced occupancy due to Covid-19, with many unusually empty buildings having closed at speed, protection from theft is critical at this time of increased risk.

To help address and reduce the threat on your unoccupied premises, the below actions should be considered as part of your overall security strategy to ensure that your premises remain safe and secure during this time.

Reducing risk

Your risk assessment should be reviewed and revised where necessary to ensure the heightened risk of the vacant premises is covered.

The following checks should be utilised:

  • To reduce the risk of arson, it is advisable to remove any sources of ignition or fuel which could cause the spread of fire.
  • Ensure all gates/barriers/roller shutter doors are in good working order and closed.
  • Check alerts are flowing into the receiving centre correctly to ensure your intruder alarm is functioning appropriately.
  • Check your intruder alarm detectors and unobstructed and dirt free and your door/window locks work. Check system user log to ensure there has been no tampering to the system.
  • Check CCTV cameras are showing the correct areas, are clean are remain unobstructed. Ensure the NVR/DVR recording remains in place.
  • Confirm that all locks are secured safely as part of your access control. Check doors close correctly and ensure all fire doors within the building are closed.
  • Remove any equipment inside and outside of the building that could provide intruders with access to windows/flat roofs.
  • Ensure all valuables are out of site, if required post notices highlighting that valuable contents have been removed and the premises are protected by security services.

It is important to note that a regular inspection of the premises is advised to look out for evidence of attempted or successful entry.

If you have members of staff attending the site, it is good practice to make them aware of the heightened risk of intruders.

During times of empty occupancy, insurers should be notified that the premises are vacant and any advisable precautions are undertaken as part of your security strategy.

Successful Breach Strategy

It is important that you have an escalation plan in place should an intruder enter your premises. This should include actions to be followed when discovering an intruder. You should consider who should be informed first, reporting the incident to the authorities, how quickly you can access any CCTV footage of the incident, obtain detail of the damage caused on site and informing your insurance provider.

For information on how to be prepared for re-occupancy, please see our recovery calendar.


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