Fire Door Safety Week 2021

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - September 17, 2021


Fire Door Safety Week 2021 launches on Monday 20 September in a bid to raise awareness on the standards for fire door and door set manufacture, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Launched in 2013 after years of fire door neglect, the importance of understanding was confounded in the wake of the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in 2017 where 72 people lost their lives.


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The objectives of the awareness week, as founded by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF), the BWF Fire Door Alliance (an evolution of the BWF CERTIFIRE Scheme) and the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) are to:

  • Raise awareness of the role of fire doors
  • Educate the public and governing bodies on the correct specification, installation, operation, inspection and ongoing maintenance of fire doors
  • Encourage and ensure those responsible for building safety are aware of their duties
  • Encourage people to report suspected faults or damage on any fire door or door set

The campaign also aims to highlight bad practices, such as propping fire doors open and allowing damage to go unfixed.

This year, the team behind Fire Safety Week have set out 5 things to check when inspecting your fire doors, set out below.

fire door safety checklist, 5 things you can check

The full PDF can be downloaded here.

Fire Door Inspection

Churches Fire & Security supports the messaging behind Fire Door Safety Week 2021, and encourages all customers to make sure their business fire safety is a priority.

As a national company providing fire safety services to multiple industries, Churches Fire & Security are constantly working to enforce fire door maintenance and inspection.

In accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, fire door maintenance and inspection is an essential part of fire safety management for every business to which the Order applies.

Fire doors can be used to compartmentalise escape routes from hazards, allowing for additional time to escape in an emergency.

To ensure fire doors perform as expected in the event of a fire, regular inspections must be carried out by certified fire safety technicians. Six-monthly inspections are recommended in BS 9999, alongside monthly visual checks.

Churches Fire & Security six-monthly fire door inspections involve extensive checks of each individual fire door component. Parts assessed include:

  • Hinges
  • Door leaf
  • Door frame
  • Locks and handles
  • Self-closer
  • Intumescent strips
  • Inspecting the door’s structural integrity
  • The gaps between the door and frame
  • Fire safety signage in the area is also checked to ensure they clearly indicate exits in an emergency situation

Regular inspections and checks should be recorded and dated by the responsible person with any repairs or replacements required being dealt with as a matter of priority.

The dedicated week links together many organisations that share a common interest in fire door usage and regulations.

Follow the hashtag #FireDoorSafetyWeek for the latest news and articles on social media.

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Fire door safety must be a priority for everyone, as we all use them on a daily basis.

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