Importance of Fire Safety Signage in Retail

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - April 16, 2019

Fire safety signs are an essential part of fire protection, keeping individuals informed on emergency evacuation and safety procedures in a building.

Churches Fire & Security specify, supply and install a complete range of fire safety signs for customers across the UK from all industries. Whilst these signs cannot be used as a substitute for fire prevention services, they display the measures to be taken in the event of an emergency and form part of the overall fire protection.

Fire safety signs are a simple and effective way to help keep your employees, customers and visitors safe in case of fire.

Multistorey shopping center

The importance of fire safety signs in all environments, including retail, must not be underestimated. At Churches Fire & Security we detail the options available to our customers using the following points:

  • Fire safety signage is essential to assist people in their escape during an emergency
  • Signs are particularly vital to guide those unfamiliar with the area, for example in a busy shopping centre
  • If the emergency services attend, signage can be used to guide them to the point of fire
  • Signage provides clear instructions for mandatory requirements, such as ‘fire door keep shut’
  • The location of fire safety and fire-fighting equipment, such as alarm call points and fire extinguishers is indicated by signage
  • Fire safety signage must be professionally installed by a competent person who is aware of the regulatory requirements
  • Building occupants should be able to view an emergency exit sign from wherever they are in a building
  • All signage must be clear of obstruction and easily viewed at all times, taking care not to block with retail point of sale materials


Fire safety signage must be included as part of a building’s overall fire protection, and are essential to the safety of people, property and assets.

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