Risks of Using Non-Independently Assessed Suppliers

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - January 31, 2019

Churches Fire & Security is an independently assessed supplier of fire safety services. This means that our services, technicians and working practices are third-party certified to guarantee we meet the high standards required in the fire safety industry.

What is third-party certification?

An independent organisation reviews the processes of a business, the technicians, the equipment and tools used, as well as other areas. This independent assessment determines that the work practices meets the required specifications.

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Who reviews Churches Fire?

Several Associations review Churches Fire & Security independently. This displays our competence as a company and is invaluable for our customers.

Independent assessors:

• Amerex
• Ansul
• British Approvals of Fire Equipment (BAFE)
• Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)
• Fire Industry Association (FIA)

Discover our fire accreditations, memberships, and certifications.

Risks of using non-independently assessed suppliers

Fire safety suppliers must always put quality and safety first. They must employ trained, qualified and assessed technicians, and are evaluated as such.

Can your business afford to use a company and technicians that do not meet industry standards? That have not been reviewed by impartial, independent bodies?

Independent assessment means the quality of works carried out have been verified as being to a suitable standard.

The costs associated with using a non-independently assessed company can be considerable.

In the event of a fire, an insurance claim may need to be made. If a business cannot prove to insurers that competent service and product providers were used, there could be issues in receiving any pay out.

Why is it important to use an assessed supplier?

It is vital that the fire safety services used in businesses are of good quality and maintained to high standards.
Protecting life and property is extremely important and should be treated as a priority. Businesses have a legal requirement to ensure works carried out on their premises relating to fire safety, are competently completed.

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