Saving money the Churches Fire & Security way

Author - Emily Weekes |
Publish Date - November 8, 2018

Businesses save money directly by consolidating typical overheads with one provider. Save money is better than spending it. According to research carried out by Talk Business, UK businesses on average waste over £28,000 a year on inefficiency, which is greater than the average UK wage.

One of the easiest ways for businesses to save money is to consolidate their bills. Your fire safety is generally split between multiple providers who offer the cheapest rate per unit however once the call-out fees for multiple technicians and time spent arranging site visits has been totalled, you have spent much more than anticipated.

Once bills have been consolidated under one roof your business will save time, money and hassle. Churches Fire & Security are the only fully integrated Fire Safety provider in the UK and by using Churches Fire & Security as your fire safety provider, one technician will be able to maintain multiple pieces of equipment during one visit.

In the case of an emergency where your safety equipment is malfunctioning, no time needs to be spent figuring out which company is responsible. Churches Fire & Security have engineers stationed across the UK with a fleet of well-maintained vans ensuring reliability for customers. Every technician has a fully-stocked vehicle with the correct equipment supplied by over 80 lockups that we have located throughout the UK meaning that they are able to fix any problems on the first visit.

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If you’re looking to cut down your overheads and directly save money in your business, plus receive excellent service with every visit, get in touch with us today for your no obligation quotation or consultation.

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Churches Fire & Security provide a broad range of fire safety services to customers throughout the UK. Choose the best fire and security provider to work for your business. Eliminating the need to go to more than one supplier, or a third party. A range of services: such as fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire doors, sprinkler systems, nurse calls, access control and suppression systems. With all our services being independently accredited you can rest assured that your safety is the priority.

Churches Fire & Security are constantly looking to widen their skillset, gain new certificates and accreditations to cover key areas of their work. We have the ability to help you meet fire regulations and guidelines, ensuring that work is always carried out to the highest recognised standard. With a proactive approach to compliance, Churches Fire & Security are up to date regarding all industry standards and regulations affecting your business.

If your business is looking to save money, cut overheads, and receive excellent service with every visit, get in touch with us today for your no obligation quotation or consultation.