Fire Alarm Components

Control Panels

Our multi-featured fire control panels range from a compact single zone, through 32 zone conventional, twin wire or up to 64 zone analogue addressable. 


The Excel conventional control panel offers a truly feature rich specification. Access control is via key switch, with a colour coded keypad for controls and programming. It is aesthetically styled in a robust, metal cabinet with integral, EN54 compliant, switch mode power supply.


Fusion is a unique concept in fire alarm control panels, combining an analogue addressable style alarm system with conventional and twin wire technologies. It is capable of running any or all three technologies in a single control panel with the use of modular plug-in cards, making it the most versatile panel on the market.

Fusion can be installed to operate with the vast majority of existing detectors, call points and sounders and can accommodate contemporary versions when these are upgraded. It is therefore effectively ‘future proof’ and allows existing systems to be upgraded in phases, as budgets allow. If required, Fusion can be configured to simultaneously support older style detector circuits and detector circuits utilising the latest technology. Because Fusion is based upon tried and tested technology derived from the Excel (conventional) and Vector (analogue addressable) control panels, reliability is ensured from the outset.


Series 65

The Series 65 range of conventional detectors incorporates well proven sensing technologies, together with advances in materials and electronics technology. A wide operating voltage of 9 - 33vdc means that they can be integrated into security systems when used with a relay base.


The XP95 range of analogue addressable devices is advanced in design, improved in performance and has unique features that benefit the end user. They provide an alarm facility that automatically puts an alarm flag on the data stream and reports its address when the pre-set EN54 thresholds are exceeded.


Discovery is a range of high specification analogue addressable fire detectors. Designed to meet specifications for detectors incorporated in sophisticated systems, Discovery provides an additional dimension in fire protection capability. The communications protocol is a development of the proven XP95 protocol, making both ranges of detector compatible.

Beam Detectors

Optical beam smoke detection is a very cost effective method of protecting large areas, especially using reflective technology that only requires wiring to one end.  

The Fire Beam has been specifically created to overcome the problems normally associated with optical beam smoke detection, which in the past have made this type of smoke detection unreliable and difficult to maintain. Building movement is the enemy of beam detection, as the smallest movement of a building through heat changes or settlement will move a beam off its target. The Fire Beam has a motorised beam head that continually monitors any movement and automatically self aligns in response.

Sounders & Beacons

We specify, supply and install a comprehensive range of electronic sounders, bells, and flashing beacons, suitable for all conventional, addressable and twin wire control panels

Call Points

Our break glass, resettable and key operated call points are available in a variety of colours for both indoor and outdoor use.