Alarm systems we can service

There are many different manufactures of fire alarm systems throughout the industry.  All fire alarm systems work on the same principles dependant on the type of system i.e. conventional, twin wire, radio and analogue addressable. Each control panel has different levels of access for different engineering functions, some of which are more restrictive than others which, generally in the industry, are classed as open or closed protocol. Some closed systems are more constricting than others. The protocol is the language that the systems use to communicate between the control panel and its devices. Churchesfire can functionally test, service and maintain:

  • Conventional systems - Any manufacturer

  • Twin wire systems - Any manufacturer

  • Radio systems - Any manufacturer

Open Protocol Systems are typically systems that have no restrictions put in place by the manufacturer to prevent access to higher level engineering functions. Churchesfire can functionally test, service and maintain any of these systems. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Kentec
  • Advanced

  • Morley

  • C-Tec

  • Haes

  • Ziton

  • Juno

  • Concept

  • Stratos (air Sampling)

Closed protocol systems are systems that have restrictions in place (by the manufacturer) so that the higher level engineering functions cannot be accessed by any persons other than by the manufacturing company themselves. Churchesfire can still functionally test these systems and in some cases can access certain engineering functions to enable servicing. This will be dependent on the individual system itself and how the access constraints have been programmed on initial commissioning.  Most of these systems will limit access to commissioning menu’s meaning Churchesfire will not be able to replace/upgrade devices or make programming changes. To complete these works Churchesfire will have to sub-contract to another company with the correct codes. This includes analogue addressable:

  • ADT
  • Protec (Protec now offer an open protocol system but this would have to be agreed before the system is installed)

  • Siemens

Part restricted systems are systems typically classed as closed protocol systems. These systems prevent access to the higher level engineering functions unless the manufacturer has provided training. This gives the manufacturer assurance that the systems they manufacturer are used correctly by trained competent persons. Churchesfire can functionally test, service and maintain these systems. These system manufacturers include:

  • Gent
  • Notifier

  • Fike

  • Vesda (air Sampling)

  • Wagner (air Sampling)

Any fire alarm system can be interconnected with another system i.e. intruder systems or access control systems.

With an access control system, it would allow the fire alarm to send a signal to the access control system to shut all the doors for security purposes or to open all doors for evacuation purposes. This does not prevent Churchesfire from maintaining the fire alarm system. The access control system may require manually resetting by the customer once the service has been completed.

With an intruder system, it may be interconnected to allow for monitoring. This works by the fire alarm system sending a signal to the intruder system which in turn will be programmed to send a signal to the monitoring station. This does not prevent Churchesfire from maintaining the fire alarm system. The customer would need to put the system on test with the monitoring station (as with any monitoring solution) and may possibly have to reset the intruder system as they normally would if it were required.

Churchesfire are often asked “can you service my system?” and the answer is always “yes”.  There may be some allowances to be made for closed protocol systems but it does not mean you can’t move away from a supplier that may not fulfill your current needs.  Churchesfire is well versed in working with integrated systems, including Sprinkler systems as this is an area we offer as part of our complete fire care solution as well as any other interface.  If you are unsure as to whether we can help you we would be happy for you to speak to a technical member of staff.  Call our Customer Service team on 08706084350 and ask for the Customer Development Team and they will be able to assist you.