Service & Maintenance

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Churchesfire has been maintaining fire extinguishers since 1991 – it was the original reason that the company was set up.

Fire extinguishers do not have an indefinite life, even if they are never actually discharged. Their contents can lose pressure, the insides of water based extinguishers are prone to rust and corrosion, and welds and seams can be weakened by continual high pressurisation and rust. Rubber seals can deteriorate over time, valve spindles can stick, and of course the fire extinguisher can suffer harsh treatment which leaves the body dented or defaced.

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Annual Maintenance

Fire extinguisher maintenance in accordance with British Standards 5306 Part 3 forms an integral part of your premises Fire Risk Assessment. It is therefore, in effect, a legal requirement of the Fire Safety Order 2005.

Annual inspections (or more frequent for high risk locations or corrosive environments) by a competent person involve inspecting every fire extinguisher and identifying those which require repressurising, replacement parts, or have reached the end of their useful lives.

Routine Inspection by the User

Extinguisher maintenanceVisual inspection of all fire fighting equipment must be carried out monthly and should ensure that:

  • All equipment is correctly located in its designated place
  • All equipment is unobstructed and visible
  • The operating instructions of all equipment are clean and legible and face outwards
  • Equipment has not been operated and is not obviously damaged or has any missing parts
  • The reading of any pressure gauge or indicator fitted to an extinguisher is within operational and safety limits
  • The seals and tamper indicators of each extinguisher/equipment are not broken or missing.

Safe Disposal and Recycling of Old Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are generally under constant pressure so should be treated with extreme caution. The removal of any parts can be dangerous without proper training and people have actually been killed doing so.

Only plain water fire extinguishing agents can be emptied into drains, whilst foam and powder extinguishers need to be disposed of legally.

All business owners have legal duty of care to dispose of waste correctly and should therefore employ only a company that is registered to do so. Churchesfire is a registered waste carrier and disposes of all replaced equipment in accordance with regulations and our environmental statement. Our suppliers will dispose of the complete extinguisher via recycling – a process which includes headcaps, valves, tubes, contents and body.

Fire Alarm Servicing

Churchesfire services and maintains a wide variety of fire alarm systems. We work to the highest possible standard which is closely monitored by our third party accreditation – BAFE SP203.

Our highly trained and competent technicians possess the knowledge, tools and equipment to carry out any task from a small office block to a complex arrangement of networked systems. Our infrastructure can support your organisation with a designated account coordinator, providing you with a single point of contact for personal but highly professional support.

If you would like to discuss your fire alarm maintenance call us now on 0870 608 4350 or contact us here.

Our knowledge base enables us to deliver service for many different fire detection and alarm systems including:

  • WirelessFire alarm service
  • Air sampling
  • Gas suppression
  • Water detection
  • Fully integrated.

We supply different levels of maintenance coverage including preventative and comprehensive, giving you the peace of mind you would expect from a specialist company.

We provide all of our customers with an exceptional level of service, regardless of their size, business sector or geographical location.

Sprinkler Service & Maintenance

Sprinkler control systemSince the acquisition of Olympic Fire Protection a number of years ago Churchesfire has added sprinkler system service and maintenance to its repertoire. All sprinkler systems require this maintenance in order to not only comply with standards such as the LPCB and building insurers, but also to ensure it will perform in an emergency situation.

We work closely with our clients to provide bespoke service agreements that give the right balance between the minimum requirements and best engineering practice. This enables accurate budgeting, and minimises the chances of unplanned costs for emergency call-outs and component repairs and replacements.

If you require any further information on sprinkler installation or sprinkler service and maintenance, visit our sprinkler systems page or call us on 0870 608 4350 or contact us here