Zone Plans

It is now a mandatory requirement for buildings to have an accurate zone plan under the newly amended BS5839-1:2013. The purpose of a zone plan is to aid the fire service in the event of a fire and quickly direct them to the origin of the raised alarm. They are required to be diagrammatical by law to ensure that they are fit for their intended purpose.

Code of practice for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems in non-domestic premises has made clear reference to the need for a diagrammatic representation of the building which will need to show (at least) the building exits, stairs, circulation areas and the division into zones. The plan will need to be positioned in close proximity to the fire alarm system’s control and indicating equipment and reflect the orientation of the building. The new Standard clearly states that the absence of a zone plan should be considered as a “major area of non-compliance” during routine maintenance where they are not displayed on existing fire alarm installations.

At Churchesfire, we produce all our Zone plans with the end user in mind. They are designed to the highest professional standard whilst offering a clear, instant understanding of the building layout and the specific location of the alarm zones within it. By indicating a “You are here” point on our zone plans, it allows the end user to locate where they are in relation to each zone.

We tailor our zone plans to meet your specific needs. All zone plans are Photoluminescent. 

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