Fire Alarm Panel Downloads

Why have a panel download?

It is a recommendation to keep a copy of the current panel configuration downloaded off site under British standard 5839.

We can complete a download of your system configuration. We do this so that we can ensure the fire protection can be made operational again should (for example) a lightning strike render a panel irreparably damaged. Having a panel download held in our secure system means we can quickly programme a new panel, instead of having to manually enter in all the settings which can take several days and involve expensive re-commissioning costs.

We interrogate the configuration of the panel to ensure everything is satisfactory to ensure compliance to the British Standards. This includes checking device descriptions, zoning, device types, device analogue values, cause and effect, fire and fault event logs.

This is then stored on our secure high level IT servers at our Head Office in Hampshire. We do this each visit to ensure we always have the most up to date details which ensures your system down time will be kept to a minimum if the worst was to happen.