Churchesfire provides alarm monitoring services to give our customers total peace of mind. As soon as a fire alarm has activated, an alert is automatically sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which then notifies the local fire and rescue service and nominated key holders. All customers have the facility to set up special instructions for each site protected.

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Churchesfire customers have the option of the following types of fire alarm monitoring:

DualComDualCom is a dual signalling system which provides the best possible chance of getting a signal from the protected premises to the ARC. It uses both a mobile network and your analogue telephone line to transmit fire signals at high speed. DualCom uses multiple signaling paths to ensure that there is always a back-up in the event of either accidental or deliberate damage to the landline or mobile network signal.

BT RedcareBT Red Care is a signalling network using an existing BT line. It continuously monitors the fire alarm system and passes an alarm activation immediately to an ARC. It will also respond if the phone line is damaged or even deliberately cut. In addition, BT RedCare helps to reduce the number of false alarms by automatically checking that a fault signal is not just a few seconds of electrical interference on the line, before raising the alarm. To maximise security, BT Redcare signals are sent down two separate transmission paths and are uniquely coded for each site.