Customer Support

Customer Services

Our Customer Service Team is passionate about exceeding our customers’ expectations through the service it provides.

Customer support team

They work diligently and with a smile to ensure a stress-free customer experience, by ensuring availability of a knowledgeable member of staff. At Churchesfire we do not have an automated telephone system.


Our Finance Team has a combined knowledge of all areas of financial process spanning over 50 years. Committed to ensuring a timely and seamless service for all our customers and suppliers, they focus on accuracy and problem solving.

The Finance Team works closely with our IT Team to ensure our customers have up to date information through our ERP system.


Our IT Support Team is responsible for ensuring the efficiency and smooth running of our company IT – including our ERP system. An important part of their remit is staff training, to ensure that all of the skills are in place to meet our customers’ expectations.

A recent innovation is mobile devices for all of our technical staff, linking them in real time with our customer portals and invoicing system.