Industry Participation

FIA Fire Risk Assessment Council

Fire Industry AssociationChurchesfire is fully committed to quality in all aspects of the Fire Risk Assessment Council recently formed in 2008,  via the Fire Industry Association. One of our Fire Safety Consultants takes an active role on the Council, allowing us instant access to vital information for both our customers and the trade as a whole.

A major objective of the Council is to ensure that members adopt best and ethical practices in their fire risk assessment work. This is of major importance to our customers, as current fire industry legislation states that all premises must undertake a sufficient Fire Risk Assessment – the backbone to all fire safety requirements. Non-compliance carries serious repercussions for the responsible person.

It is envisaged that in the near future, companies carrying out fire risk assessments on behalf of customers will require third party certification as an effective means of providing the fullest possible assurances and offering the quality, reliability and safety lacked by non certified assessments. In the interim, member companies must be able to demonstrate the competence of those carrying out their fire risk assessments. It is also proposed, again until certification schemes are readily available, that certain quality management measures be adopted.

The number of court cases being brought for inadequate fire risk assessments is escalating rapidly. Many of these could have been avoided simply by using a suitable qualified organisation.